What you need to ask yourself before working with a developer

What you need to ask yourself before working with a developer

Thinking about developing a new product or mobile app? Need to redesign your legacy system? Or re-define a business process? Custom software is expensive and can be a real headache for businesses who can’t afford to have full-time development staff on their payroll. In such instances, companies – whether their development need is an occasional one or ongoing, will often turn to outside help. However, there are certain questions you should ask before you take the plunge and enlist a developer’s help.

How do they resolve bugs in their software after the initial release?

Bugs are an inevitable part of software development. The important thing is having a clear strategy for dealing with bugs as and when they do appear. What you’ll want to find out is what warranty do they offer for the initial release? What is the scope of the warranty and how long does it last? And most importantly what is their SLA? All developers are human and in increasingly complex projects, they are bound to make mistakes, at this point you just want a clear idea of how their process works.

Do they own the code – or do I?

Source code is the stock in trade for software developers but confusion can often arise regarding who owns the code once it has been written. If a developer owns the copyright, they can re-use the code on future projects.

This is a tricky topic, with implied rights sometimes coming into the equation. For your peace of mind, it’s worth asking the question when you first converse with your developer.

Do they use version control?

Software developers constantly need to track changes in the code they write and this is done through a process known as version control. The most popular type of version control is Git, which is particularly useful when multiple people are working on the same project. Virtually every software developer will use version control, but you may desire oversight of the project yourself. An online version control repository such as GitHub allows both developer and customer to keep track of what’s been done, via the commit history.

What is their testing process?

Clearly, you want your users to have a good experience when using your software and testing can ensure that any issues are ironed out early on. Ideally, you’ll want your developer to articulate the specifics of their testing strategy. You’re looking for an agile method, whereby you’re kept informed as to how testing is carried out throughout the project and you’re involved too, Some common testing methodologies your developer should be able to articulate within their processes are unit testing, acceptance testing, functional testing, performance testing and security testing. The last thing you need is – you (or, worst of all, your users) may end up doing most of the testing yourself!

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