From your fledging app idea to the app store?

IOS App Development in Ireland

Choosing between Android and iPhone app development can seem a nigh on impossible choice. This challenge often comes to an eventual decision that is based on the phone you use or have a natural inclination for rather than an informed choice made on any form of analysis. With this in mind here we present a simple, jargon-free guide to the benefits of iPhone app development, explaining how you can justify your choice and why HST Solutions is the team with the right approach to bring your app idea to life.

IOS Development: For Smart consumers, avid app users and a simpler, more cost effective route?

There are many reasons that make the case for developing for Apple users, over and above Android, with the three following points providing for much food for thought.

Smarter users

IOS users are considered to generally be a Smart breed of Smart phone owners – who utilise their phone’s smart features more often, and in more advanced ways, than that of the average Android user. This is largely down to the fact that the Android platform features an array of lower end devices when compared to what is the industry leading sophistication of the iPhone or iPad. So, if you’re looking for switched on, engaged smartphone users, it seems that iOS is the way forward.

Avid app users

A recent report has confirmed much of what was already known about the average iOS user: that they are prone to buying more apps, as well as making more in-app purchases, as compared to their Android counterparts. This is great news for an individual with an innovative app idea – as it shows a market is there that is ready and waiting to adopt and download. Yet beyond this seeming openness to spend, there’s further impetus for iOS: the fact that such users are more engaged with adverts – clicking through more times, on average, than the Android user. This cements the notion that Apple users are a more lucrative market when it comes to app development.

Support: A simpler, more cost effective route

As a final (yet overly important) edge that iOS boasts over Android, is the benefit that in many cases developing for Apple devices is simpler and less costly. This runs alongside the fact that Apple have complete control over their hardware and software – meaning that developers look forward to fewer screen size differences, as well as the Holy Grail of coding: a platform that boasts of fewer possible bugs to fix.

Our approach: Perfect partners for the power of iOS app development

You’ve arrived on this page because you’re looking for the right technology partner to take your app idea, and run with it; we’re the team to partner with, and here’s why…

We’re completely transparent

We value the importance of complete transparency, which means that every brainwave we have, every line of code we tap, each design wireframe we construct will all be placed in a secure online area for you to see. We involve you every single step of the way – from the beginning of our iOS app development journey, to the end. Ultimately however, we inspire customer confidence by simply delivering upon our promises.

Your idea… brought to beautiful life

We may be the technological team to deliver your IOS app, but you’re the one with the idea, and as such you have complete ownership over your intellectual property rights.

Before we get started, its standard practice at HST to sign IP contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) & Non-Compete Agreements with our customers.

Progress that moves quickly

We don’t stall on delivery dates, we aim to deliver an app in-progress within as little as 3 weeks. This allows you a vital window into our development world, where you can get your hands upon the swipes, taps and elegant inputs – that’s how we believe iPhone and iPad app development should work; and that’s how we work alongside our clients who are often a source of invaluable feedback.

We don’t require that you sign your life away

We’ve never been a company that has believed in tying customers down to cumbersome contracts – we think that our work should speak for itself. Our clients stay with us because we’re quite simply good at what we do. Our engagement model generally involves a 50% deposit upon the project start date, with the remainder paid when the app is deployed and you’re happy with every last line of code and each graceful app feature, we also provide two weeks of bug resolution warranty after project completion. It basically means that if something went unnoticed during the transfer process, we have got you covered.

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