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Trustdish Case Study


At HST Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating innovative software solutions that address real-world challenges. Our latest collaboration with TrustDish exemplifies this commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of society.

TrustDish is a visionary company dedicated to revolutionizing the dining experience for individuals with food allergies. Founded on the principle of inclusivity, TrustDish aims to empower users to dine out confidently, without the fear of allergic reactions. With a mission to bridge the gap between diners and restaurants, TrustDish offers a comprehensive solution that ensures safe and enjoyable dining experiences for all.

Technology stack:

  • Back End: Nodejs
  • Admin panel
  • Mobile Apps: ReactNative
  • Database: Mysql


Dining out can be a daunting experience for individuals with food allergies. Despite efforts by restaurants to provide allergen information, the lack of standardized practices often leads to confusion and risk. There was a need for users to easily identify allergen-free menu options as well asenabling restaurants to accommodate dietary restrictions effectively. TrustDish approached us with the vision of developing a comprehensive solution that addresses these challenges, offering a user-friendly platform that facilitates communication and transparency between diners and restaurants.

Scale and Complexity

The app required several complex features and integrations:


The system must be capable of handling a large volume of users, both on the consumer and restaurant sides. This includes managing user profiles, allergy information, menu items, and communication channels effectively, even during peak dining hours or periods of high activity.

User Authentication and Profiles

Implemented robust user authentication mechanisms to ensure the security of user data. Users should be able to create profiles, input allergy information for themselves or their loved ones, and manage their preferences seamlessly.

Allergen Database

Integration with a comprehensive allergen database is essential for accurately identifying allergens present in menu items. The system must be able to cross-reference user allergy profiles with the allergens present in each dish to provide personalized recommendations.

QR Code Scanning

Implemented QR code scanning functionality that enables users to scan restaurant menus seamlessly. The system can extract menu information from the QR code and cross-reference it with user allergy profiles in real-time to provide personalized recommendations.

Real-time Communication

Provided real-time communication channels between users and restaurant kitchens to accommodate dietary restrictions effectively. This includes features such as chat functionality and notifications to ensure clear and timely communication.

Menu Management for Restaurants

Developed an intuitive interface for restaurants to add, update, and manage menu items easily. Restaurants are able to input detailed allergen information for each dish, including potential cross-contamination risks, to ensure transparency and compliance with dietary restrictions.

Methodology Deployed

HST Solutions used an Agile Development Methodology for this project, allowing us to tackle challenges iteratively and incrementally. This approach offered numerous advantages, including improved flexibility, faster issue resolution, and consistent progress tracking. Key stages of our methodology included:

Requirement Gathering and Analysis:

Our team spent significant time understanding the specific needs of TrustDish which led to the creation of wireframes that helped define the systems features and functionalities.

Design and Development:

We designed a user-friendly interface and developed the systems various components, keeping in mind the scale and complexity of the project.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

Regular testing was carried out to ensure all features worked seamlessly. This allowed us to maintain a high standard of quality and security throughout the app.

Deployment and Maintenance:

Post-deployment, our team provided ongoing maintenance and support to ensure smooth functioning and updates as required.


In collaboration with TrustDish, we developed two interconnected mobile applications—one tailored for consumers and another for restaurants. The consumer-facing app offers a seamless onboarding process, allowing users to create profiles and input detailed allergy information for themselves or their loved ones. Using state-of-the-art QR code scanning technology, the app instantly analyzes menu items against the user’s allergy profile, providing personalized recommendations for safe dining choices. Additionally, the app features a chat functionality that enables direct communication between users and restaurant kitchens, facilitating real-time accommodations and ensuring a smooth dining experience.

On the restaurant side, the TrustDish application offers a comprehensive platform for managing allergen information and accommodating diner’s needs. Restaurants can easily add and update menu items, including detailed allergen information for each dish. When a user with allergies places an order, the restaurant receives a notification and follows a protocol checklist to ensure the safe preparation of the meal. This streamlined communication process enhances efficiency and enables restaurants to provide exceptional service to diners with food allergies.

Customer Application


Welcome to the TrustDish Dashboard, your gateway to a personalized dining experience. Upon login, users are greeted with a quick action button, allowing them to swiftly scan a restaurant QR code or revisit recently visited establishments. The dashboard provides easy access to vital information, including the user’s allergen profile and those of their loved ones, ensuring peace of mind when dining out. With convenient menu options such as search, Around Me, and settings, users can effortlessly navigate the TrustDish ecosystem, making every dining experience safe, enjoyable, and tailored to their dietary needs


The Search Page on the TrustDish app offers a streamlined way for users to find their favourite restaurants within the TrustDish Ecosystem. With just a few keystrokes, users can effortlessly locate restaurants that prioritize allergen accommodations and safety. Whether craving a familiar dining spot or eager to explore new culinary delights, the Search Page ensures that users can easily discover allergy-friendly options tailored to their preferences, making dining out a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Around Me:

The “Around Me” feature on the TrustDish app revolutionizes the way users discover safe dining options. With a simple tap, users can explore a dynamic map showcasing TrustDish-approved restaurants nearby. Each restaurant displayed on the map is carefully vetted and committed to providing allergy-friendly dining experiences. This intuitive feature empowers users to navigate their local culinary landscape confidently, ensuring that every meal is a delightful and worry-free experience.

Scan QR Code:

With TrustDish’s QR code scanning feature, dining out becomes a breeze for users with food allergies. By simply scanning a restaurant’s QR code, users receive a comprehensive report of all menu items, complete with allergen information for each dish. Using advanced cross-referencing technology, the app instantly compares the allergens in each menu item with the user’s allergy profile, identifying which dishes are safe to eat and which ones pose a risk. This innovative feature ensures that users can make informed dining decisions, empowering them to enjoy meals confidently while prioritizing their health and well-being.

Ready to Order:

When users are ready to place their order, TrustDish simplifies the process with a unique TrustDish ID generated instantly. This ID serves as a seamless identifier for the order, enhancing communication between users and restaurant staff. Upon presentation to the waiter, the TrustDish ID ensures accurate processing of the order.

In addition to the TrustDish ID, users have the option to provide further details, such as their table number and a personalized message to the chef, ensuring precise and tailored service. Upon pressing “Notify Kitchen of Allergies,” a notification is swiftly dispatched to the kitchen app, including both the TrustDish ID and the user’s allergen profile information. This efficient communication streamlines the process, enabling restaurant staff to accommodate dietary needs effectively and prioritize user safety and satisfaction.

Chat Screen:

Within the TrustDish app, users enjoy the convenience of direct communication with restaurants they’ve ordered from. The Chat History screen compiles all previous interactions, providing users with a comprehensive record of their conversations with various establishments.

Restaurant Application


Welcome to the TrustDish Restaurant Dashboard, your command centre for delivering exceptional dining experiences to customers with food allergies. Designed for efficiency and responsiveness, this dashboard provides kitchen users with a streamlined view of incoming notifications from users dining at their establishment. With a quick glance, kitchen staff can access vital information about allergen needs, enabling them to promptly cater to dietary restrictions and ensure a safe dining experience for every guest. With convenient menu options such as menu, notifications, and settings, users can navigate to all the essential requirements quickly.


The TrustDish Restaurant Menu Page is where culinary creativity meets allergy-conscious dining. Here, kitchen users have full control over crafting and managing their menu offerings, ensuring transparency and safety for all diners.
With the ability to view and add items to the menu, kitchen staff can meticulously curate dishes while considering allergen information. Each menu item is accompanied by a detailed breakdown of ingredients and allergens, empowering users to make informed choices about their dining experience.
Additionally, the Menu Page offers the convenience of generating individual dish QR codes or a comprehensive full menu QR code. These codes allow customers to scan and instantly access allergen information, helping them navigate the menu with confidence and peace of mind.

Add Item:

We created an interface where adding new menu items is effortless and allergen transparency is paramount. Our intuitive app empowers kitchen users to seamlessly add dishes to the menu, ensuring that every item is meticulously crafted with diner safety in mind. The kitchen staff can select from a predetermined list of allergens to indicate which ones are present in each dish. Additionally, our innovative technology allows users to take pictures of ingredient lists in the back of a sauce bottle, automatically scanning and identifying allergens present. This streamlines the process of menu creation while ensuring accuracy and compliance with dietary restrictions


Kitchen users can effortlessly manage notifications received from customers, ensuring every dining experience is safe and satisfying.Each notification includes essential details, such as the allergen profile of the customer, table number, and a unique TrustDish ID for identification. This streamlined information enables kitchen staff to promptly address dietary needs while prioritizing customer safety.

Upon receiving a notification, kitchen users can take action by accepting it, confirming completion of the protocol checklist, and ensuring allergen safety measures are in place. Additionally, the notification includes a “View Chat” option, allowing the kitchen users to communicate directly with the customer, addressing any additional concerns or requests in real-time.

Backend Integration

The development of a robust back-end admin panel is essential for managing the operations of TrustDish effectively. Here are some key features and functionalities of the admin panel:

User Management

The super admin has the ability to add, remove, and manage user accounts within the system. User management capabilities may also include assigning roles and permissions to users, such as admin privileges for restaurant owners or managers.

Restaurant Management

The admin panel allows the super admin to add new restaurants to the system and manage existing restaurant profiles. This includes capturing essential information about each restaurant, such as name, contact details, and location. Restaurant management functionalities may also include the ability to deactivate or suspend restaurant accounts if necessary.

Restaurant Management

The admin panel allows the super admin to add new restaurants to the system and manage existing restaurant profiles. This includes capturing essential information about each restaurant, such as name, contact details, and location. Restaurant management functionalities may also include the ability to deactivate or suspend restaurant accounts if necessary.

User Invitation and Onboarding

Restaurants can invite their staff members or employees to join the system through the admin panel. This includes assigning roles and permissions to restaurant users, such as kitchen staff, servers, or managers. The admin panel streamlines the user onboarding process, ensuring that all relevant individuals have access to the necessary functionalities within the system.

Reporting and Analytics

The admin panel provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing both super admin and restaurant users to track performance metrics and gain insights into user engagement and restaurant activity. Reports may include data on user registrations, menu item popularity, allergy accommodations, and overall restaurant performance.


HST Solutions successfully delivered a bespoke system that meets Trustdish specific requirements. By offering a user-friendly interface, robust allergy management features, and seamless communication channels, TrustDish has become the go-to solution for individuals with food allergies seeking safe and enjoyable dining experiences.

In conclusion, we are proud to have collaborated with TrustDish in developing a groundbreaking solution that prioritizes inclusivity and safety in the dining industry. By harnessing the power of technology, we have created a platform that not only meets the needs of individuals with food allergies but also fosters a culture of understanding and accommodation within the restaurant community. TrustDish serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in addressing real-world challenges and creating a more inclusive society.

Technology stack:

  • Back End: Nodejs
  • Admin panel
  • Mobile Apps: ReactNative
  • Database: Mysql

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