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    For more than a decade, we have been creating high performance, feature-packed mobile applications for all major mobile platforms. With a deep commitment to your success, we will minimize your time-to-value while never compromising on quality.

    CameraMatics Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Seamus GalvinResearch Manager at BSI Group

    • Angular
    • Java
    • J2EE
    • Jboss
    • Postgress
    • HTML5

    Creativity, Efficiency, & Advanced AI


    We've got all the big ideas and creative talent of an ad agency or creative studio except we deliver working products, not expensive presentations.


    We develop lean, stable code using all the best practices of any leading dev shop, except we focus on the user experience so people actually like using what we build.


    We validate, design, and prototype proof-of-concepts like any "creative technology" studio, but we do it in less time and for less money.

    Co-paired AI

    Co-paired AI development ensures twice the efficiency at a lower cost. We prioritize your software for innovative, precise, scalable, and quality-assured applications.

    Faster to Market
    at Less Cost

    HST’s Co-paired AI Approach

    Double the efficiency, half the cost
    Standard rates, traditional output Variable cost, unpredictable output
    PRODUCTIVITY Skyrocketed by Al precision Business as usual Hit or miss
    TIME TO MARKET Half the time, Double the impact Standard timelines A gamble
    INNOVATION LEVEL Leading the charge in ingenuity Caching up with trends Unknown
    QUALITY ASSURANCE AI-enhanced error spotting Manual checks and balances Inconsistent, lacking of scrutiny
    CONSISTENCY Precision as standard Varies with team dynamics Unpredictable
    SCALABILITY On-demand with Al flexibility Resource-depend, slower Limited by lone expertise
    SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE Proactive and predictive Reactive, issue-depend Basic. often lacking depth

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    Our Competences

    iOS mobile app development

    With a deep commitment to your success, we will minimize your time-to-value while never compromising on quality. We have been creating high performance, user centric applications for all major mobile platforms for more than a decade. Share your ideas, requirements, and expectations with us. We’ll look into your project free of charge.

    • iPhone App Development
    • iPad App Development
    • Apple Watch App Development
    • Apple TV App Development
    • App Clips Development

    Android mobile app development

    With decades of experience as a premier Android development company, our Android engineers are dedicated to building the best mobile apps…not just good ones.

    • Android Mobile App Development
    • Android TV App Development
    • Android Tablet App Development
    • Android Wear App Development

    Cross-platform mobile app development

    Usability and customer experience are the driving forces of all HST’s development engagements. With a huge range of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes on the market today, we provide subject matter experties in cross-platform app development.

    • Hybrid Mobile App Development
    • Hybrid Tablet App Development
    • Hybrid TV App Development

    AI-Driven mobile app development

    AI-based mobile apps are fast becoming the new norm. Many technology-enabled businesses are now using AI to build smarter apps to increase their overall revenue by providing personalized user experiences and reducing costs by enabling process automation. If you want to be ahead of your competition, AI adoption is a reasonable place to start.

    Al to Develop Mobile Apps

    Machine learning. deep learning. and NLP are the three major technologies to implement artificial intelligence into mobile apps. They interact. reason. learn and recommend.

    Prediction Engine

    Get the most out of AI to predict and interpret user behavior, preferences and buying intentions. Improve ROI by identifying user interactions within your app, offering customized recommendations and predicting their next moves.

    Personalized Engine

    Empower your app with a personalized engine that prevents the overload of irrelevant information and curates only the type of content the user is interested in.

    AI-Driven Visual Search

    If you want an app that scales, make a shift from text search to visual search. It’s fast, convenient, and saves plenty of time.

    Image Recognition

    From healthcare and ecommerce to banking and entertainment, image recognition has revolutionized them all. Use image recognition to identify millions of products.

    Real-Time AI-Powered Video Analytics

    Reduce man-hours by deploying real-time, on-premise video analysis. Benefit from video analytics monitoring crowd behavior and preventing outbreaks of violence.

    Data Extraction

    Leverage artificial intelligence to derive valuable insights into your users so you can better tailor your services to their needs. Use this information to promote your app.


    Well-crafted software makes the world a better place

    Emotionise Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Marie Toft CEO of Emotionise

    • AI/ML
    • NLP
    • Azure Functions

    AI / ML Solution that increase sales and engagement

    Emotionise | AI / ML Sales enablement

    Emotionise ai is the only content creation and communication AI trained with emotion at its core.

    AI / ML solution for streamlining medical device cybersecurity processes

    AI / ML solution for streamlining medical device cybersecurity processes

    NovaLeah partnered with HST Solutions to develop an AI / ML solution for streamlining medical device cybersecurity processes. The system uses Fuzzy string matching and pre-trained semantic similarity models to provide appropriate responses, reducing manual work and errors

    CameraMatics Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Daragh McDonnellCTO at CameraMatics

    • Microsoft .Net
    • MS SQL Server 2017
    • iOS
    • Android

    Cross-platform apps and SaaS platform for Telematics, ADAS & DMS technology.

    CameraMatics | Digital Technology

    HST Solutions were onboarded in Dec 2018 as an extension to the existing CameraMatics software development team…

    JCDecaux Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Colin CostelloIT Manager at JCDecaux

    • ASP .NET
    • MVC
    • MS SQL 2014

    An app to scale revenue with contactless payment automation

    JCDecaux | Advertising Company

    The purpose of the application was to run an advertising campaign on JcDecaux free-standing digital advertising…

    CameraMatics Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Seamus GalvinResearch Manager at BSI Group

    • Angular
    • Java
    • J2EE
    • Jboss
    • Postgress
    • HTML5

    Built a SaaS-based GDPR assessment platform for the UK national standards body

    BSI Group | Business Solutions

    HST developed a next gen multi-tenant SaaS platform called BSI PACE ( BSI PACE (Privacy…

    Our Expertise

    Understand value

    Our team members will work with you to understand your business, market, motivations, pain points, and target audiences. We will dig deep to help you discover the value proposition of your desired product.

    Design and iterate

    Our UX professionals analyze the most critical software requirements to produce design sketches, wireframes and components that are leveraged to create a completely interactive prototype. With that prototype in hand, the testing. iteration and redesign process starts.

    Build from backlog

    Once the prototype has been approved. we define the functional and non-functional software requirements using existing product flows. Our Mobile and backend APl teams work seamlessly aligned. which is key to building a quality product for you.


    Our team not only develops products from the ground up. We can assist teams dealing with products that are working well but need to be scaled. refactored or have new functionalities built.


    HST Solutions is truly committed to the clients we serve.

    Pricing based on your business needs

    Fixed price

    Pay as You Go

    Dedicated Team


    We are a trusted Digital engineering and Enterprise modernization partner, combining deep technical expertise and industry experience to help our clients anticipate what s next and answer questions before they are asked.

    What makes us stand apart

    We Have Deep Technical & Industry Experience

    Financial services



    Media, publishing & entertainment


    One Team, One Dream

    At HST, there is no such thing as not my problem.

    Build Trust with Every Interaction

    We’re accountable to our clients and to each other. which means being open even when things aren’t going smoothly.

    Improve Everything

    The world of software and business moves fast so we re always learning and honing our skills.

    Own It

    We are a team of doers and we take responsibility for the success of everything we do.

    Obsessed: Over Results

    We’re obsessed with driving business value for our clients and we know that starts with gaining a deep understanding of the problems they’re facing

    Excellent track record

    100% project delivery

    Have never gone over budget in any project

    (150+) delivered

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