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    HST is a mobile app design and development company that creates award-winning iPhone and iPad applications for enterprise and startup clients alike, We make native apps for iPhone and iPad. We use the strength of the platform to develop apps that jump, spark, sizzle – and work.

    IOS App Development Company

    As a Custom IOS App Development Company we know that even the most groundbreaking ideas need careful planning and strategy implementation. Together, we will jump into your industry, brainstorm and mind map your idea to develop it into a one of a kind app

    Our team recognizes that it’s not enough to execute on product specs alone, our goal is always to combine functionality, innovation, and world-class design. Unique and beautiful design is what makes a mobile application successful, our designers live and breathe this motto.

    Our process is simple, we first start by matching the best back-end technology for the app, we build the architecture of the app, and only then we code. Our app developers make sure that the final product is flawless whether it is for an iPhone, iPad, Watch or even a TV.

    Creating an app is only the first step to success. Marketing is key to getting to the top of the rankings. We offer a wide range of promotional services that include app store optimization, app website creation, app video previews, user acquisition and much more!

    • Custom iOS apps development
    • iPhone/iPad game development
    • Enterprise iOS applications
    • Mobile commerce apps
    • iOS social media applications
    • Applications for wearables
    • iOS Apps testing, deployment and maintenance
    • Post-launch consulting

    Why Us

    Released Top rated apps

    We eat, sleep, and breathe mobile. It’s who we are. We create the kind of apps that people love and are used over and over again.

    Transparent rates

    We offer a simple rate card with no hidden charges or commission. If you want to change or add features or even rethink the whole concept of your iOS application, we can agree on a fixed monthly payment to provide you the ultimate flexibility in achieving your goals.

    Broad expertise

    We can do the whole kit and caboodle, including utility apps and games. With our built-to-suit, feature rich functionality your idea leaps to life. The teams working on your app have vast experience in programming and design. They live, breathe and dream iOS every day.

    After-launch consulting

    Once your product is launched, HST App development team will provide you with post-development support to help you optimize the product.


    Well-crafted software makes the world a better place

    Emotionise Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Marie Toft CEO of Emotionise

    • AI/ML
    • NLP
    • Azure Functions

    AI / ML Solution that increase sales and engagement

    Emotionise | AI / ML Sales enablement

    Emotionise ai is the only content creation and communication AI trained with emotion at its core.

    CameraMatics Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Daragh McDonnellCTO at CameraMatics

    • Microsoft .Net
    • MS SQL Server 2017
    • iOS
    • Android

    Cross-platform apps and SaaS platform for Telematics, ADAS & DMS technology.

    CameraMatics | Digital Technology

    HST Solutions were onboarded in Dec 2018 as an extension to the existing CameraMatics software development team…

    JCDecaux Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

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    Colin CostelloIT Manager at JCDecaux

    • ASP .NET
    • MVC
    • MS SQL 2014

    An app to scale revenue with contactless payment automation

    JCDecaux | Advertising Company

    The purpose of the application was to run an advertising campaign on JcDecaux free-standing digital advertising…

    CameraMatics Testimonial For HST Solutions | Custom Software Development

    play icon

    Seamus GalvinResearch Manager at BSI Group

    • Angular
    • Java
    • J2EE
    • Jboss
    • Postgress
    • HTML5

    Built a SaaS-based GDPR assessment platform for the UK national standards body

    BSI Group | Business Solutions

    HST developed a next gen multi-tenant SaaS platform called BSI PACE ( BSI PACE (Privacy…

    We are familiar with

    Objective-C is an established language that powers most iOS apps. Even though most of the new apps for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch are written on Swift, we can help you to maintain and upgrade your existing Objective-C applications.

    Since 2014, HST has been growing its expertise in Swift, a programming language which is about to replace Objective-C for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Currently, all our iOS development experts are familiar with Swift and use it to build immersive responsive consumer-facing applications.

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